Juan Mora gets another honor, this one from Correos

The honors keep flowing in for Juan Rafael Mora Porras, the Costa Rican president who led the country into the Campaña Nacional in 1856 and 1857.

Saturday was his 200th birthday, and Correos de Costa Rica has come out with a stamp in his honor.

The commemorative issue is valued at 360 colons, about 70 U.S. cents.  The stamp has a photo of a statue of Mora and a copy of his alert to Costa Ricans that the battle must be joined.

The designer is Cristian Ramírez Vargas and the printer is the La Uruca firm of Gozaka, S.A.

Over the weekend the former president’s name was added to Avenida Segunda.

William Walker, the U.S. adventurer, wanted to become king of Central America or at least bring the nations there into the U.S. union as slave states.  He became president of Nicaragua.

The Costa Rican army engaged Nicaragua troops at the Battle of Santa Rosa in Guanacaste March 20, 1856 and more decisively at the Battle of Rivas on April 11 the same year. There also was a skirmish at Sardinal de Sarapiquí.

Later battles along the Río San Juan blocked supplies to the filibuster army, and Walker eventually fled. He tried to return, but ended up being executed in Honduras.

The same fate awaited Mora after he was overthrown during his third term. He fled to El Salvador but then returned with a small army and took Puntarenas. But he then was captured and faced a firing squad.

His execution is not stressed strongly in the Costa Rican schools or during the honors being bestowed this month.

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