Montana sister has no idea why brother was murdered

As the investigation into the brutal murder of American Kurt Heigis continues, his family back home is left to wonder what lead to his execution Sunday near La Fortuna.

Heigis’ sister Veronica Carter lives in Absarokee, Montana, and was reached via telephone. She said that Heigis owned a landscaping company in his hometown of Columbus, Montana, before he sold it and went into retirement. He would routinely skip the frigid Big Sky winters by going to his home near La Fortuna each winter. Heigis left for Costa Rica early last December. his sister said. 

Ms. Carter is not only mourning the sudden death of her brother, but she said her husband passed away only days before she received news of the latest tragedy. Ms. Carter is currently busy working on funeral arrangements for her late spouse. She said that Heigis’ daughters would be in charge of funeral planning for the 64-year-old. 

The Montana man was ambushed by his killers between 7:30 and 8 p.m. They placed a vehicle that blocked the road under a bridge. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that when the man got out of his own car perhaps to offer aid, he was set upon by his killers. They took him a short distance and then cut his throat.

His sister said she was surprised to learn that Heigis was with a woman at the time of the murder, adding that Heigis never mentioned he was in a relationship. Investigators continue to look into possible motives for Sunday’s roadside killing in San Isidro de Peñas Blancas de San Ramón.

In addition to his sister, Heigis also is survived by his mother, Genevieve, and three daughters: Joanna Mong, Barbara Sparks, and Tonia M. Heigis.

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