Most mobil phone users say they’re satisfied

Most Costa Ricans and residents are satisfied with the quality of their mobil telephone provider.

The company Demoscopia did a survey for the Superintendencia de Telecomunicacines and reported that customer satisfaction runs from 70.8 percent for Kolbi, the brand of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, to 81.6 percent for Fullmóvil. Some 79.4 percent of Claro customers said they were satisfied with the quality, as did 76.9 percent of Tuyo Móvil customers and 77.5 percent of Movistar clients.

The survey firm talked to at least 1,000 customers of each company for a total of 5,038 contacts. Quality basically meant no frequent outages, including in using the Internet.

The survey also established that 40.3 percent of the users have what the Superintendencia called intelligent devices. And 80.2 percent reported that they had connection speeds greater than one megabit per second. Some 90 percent of the telephones are of types that have been approved for use by the Superintendencia and contain a system to block the phone if it is lost or stolen, said the agency.

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