Non-profit says it is seeking reports of sex abuse against kids

A non-profit organization wants tipsters to call them to report cases of sexual abuse against children.

The organization is Alianza por Tus Derechos, which says it is investigating networks that are exploiting children on the coast and at the borders but that workers there do not have enough information yet to go to police.

The organization also said that in the metro area there are apartments and houses where contact between clients and children are being arranged.

Rocío Rodríguez, executive director of the organization, said in a release that many children are being victims of pimps and are being exploited in bars, massage parlors, cantinas and when cruise ships arrive.

The organization also seeks tips about children who are being abused in their homes. The complaints are confidential and can be anonymous, said the release.

The organization also is involved in what it says is the increase in the use of youngsters for the making of pornographic materials. Also of concern is violence in general, said the organization. It said that an average of seven cases each day of suspected beatings come to the Hospital Nacional de Niños.

The organization said that it will receive complaints by telephone at 2524-1329 at this email address:


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