Pain control therapy comes to Puriscal

Three months ago John Leonard brought his alternative pain relief services to Puriscal via California. He is now building a house that will double as his office where prospective patients will be able to drop by for therapy sessions.

Leonard’s program, called NeuroBehavioral Pain Management, involves a step-by-step process that teaches those with prolonged or debilitating pains to control them. No medicine is involved, and Leonard says its a simple method that he has taught to children as young as 5 years old. 

“It is a patient-driven program,” he said. “Usually by the end of the second week, they can remain pain free for days at a time.”

The program is flexible as therapists are able to travel to customers’ homes, host sessions at his office, or even conduct them over the phone. Since the program was founded in California, it has served over 2,000 patients, he said

Promising “relief through body-mind training,” Leonard says this type of therapy is effective in combating the depression that almost always accompanies physical pains. According to his studies, this type of independent-medication has dramatically decreased depression symptoms in 60 percent of his patients. Once customers completely learn the system free of pills or equipment, they are able to repeat the steps on their own.

Leonard, who has a doctorate in psychology, has been volunteering his service to local Tico workers who have suffered physical stresses and injuries. In trying to build a reliable network in Costa Rica, Leonard said he is also offering free therapy sessions to firefighters or policemen who work in traumatic, first response situations. 

Eventually, he said he wants to be able to donate an annual scholarship for local students who would not be able to attend school otherwise.

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