Plate exchange is continuing for motorists with correct digit

If it is February, it is time for owners of vehicles with plates ending in 3 to purchase new ones.

This is the long-running project by the Registro Nacional that will last until the end of the year.  Already owners of vehicles with plates ending in 1 and 2 have been allowed to purchase new plates. Those who did not are facing possible fines.

New plates are supposed to have security measures to prevent such illegal techniques as cloning and using a duplicate plate on a second vehicle. The new plate also comes with a window sticker.

The Registro is collecting 15,000 colons or about $30 for the new plates. Motorcycle plates are 6,000 colons or about $16. The plates are available through banks and at the Correo de Costa Rica, although there is a wait of several days.

One change favoring motorists is that they need not present the old plate at a bank or the post office until the new ones are about to be delivered. The Registro can make the switch the same day.

The new plates arrive with the same number. although some motorists may choose to obtain a plate with letters and numbers.

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