State telecom firm to launch its 4G LTE system

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, the state-run power and telecom company, will be launching its 4G LTE service today.

The increase up in mobil telephone speed is considered a step to true 4G standards. LTE means long-term evolution, and the system is considered the first world standard for mobil networks. It has been used in other countries starting nearly five years ago.

The state company faced some legal challenges to market this system. A court decision last week affirmed the company’s right to use the system.

Although the 4G LTE is not quite true 4G, the system is close enough so that it will be marketed under that name. The state company has called its product Ultra. Either a chip or a datacard will be available. Speeds are supposed to be between six and 10 megabits per second. Capacity is supposed to be from one gigabyte to five gigabytes, according to the company.

Actual speeds depend on the customer’s equipment and the locations where the company has the system in operation, it said.

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