The defense again prevails on Seahawk Super bowl win

In a showdown between the NFL’s top defense and its top offense, the old saying again rang true. But defense didn’t just win Super Bowl XLVIII, it dominated it from the first minute onwards as the Seattle Seahawks won the franchise’s first championship. 

The game was watched widely in Costa Rica, mainly by expats

Seattle, led by that superb defense, suffocated the Broncos, 43-8. to win the Super Bowl Sunday. A safety on the opening play of the game foreshadowed Denver’s nightmare night as Seattle jumped out to a 23-0 halftime lead. Percy Harvin’s kickoff return for a touchdown to open the second half put the game away.

In the first quarter, Seattle prevented Peyton Manning and the record-setting Broncos attack from getting a first down. The ultra athletic defensive line disrupted Manning’s timing, which led to three early turnovers that included a pair of interceptions thrown by the league MVP. And in the highly anticipated position matchup, it was Seattle’s self-labeled Legion of Doom secondary that proved too physical and too fast for Denver.

Though Denver set a record in scoring offense this season, it failed to reach double digits in the season’s most important contest. The nightmare in New Jersey for the Broncos could be summed up in any number of disastrous sequences.

Though they only sacked Manning once, the Seattle front seven abused his offensive line and ruined the rhythm between him and his receivers. It is the fifth time that the Super Bowl has been played when the league’s best defense is matched up with the No. 1-ranked offense. The team with the top defense is now 4-1.

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