Those bailey bridges cost

Those modular or bailey bridges that the road crews put up when there are slides or washouts cost 350,000 each, according to figures released Friday by the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad.

The Consejo is buying 10 more for $3.5 million, it said. In addition, eight more are on the shopping list for later this year.

The new bridges will go over the rivers Arenal in Muelle de San Carlos, over the Poás in San Pedro de Poás, over the Virilla, in Piedras Negras de Puriscal, over the Venado in San Carlos and over the Tárcoles on Ruta 707. Two bridges will go over the  Río Ora in Guanacaste.

Each bridge is about 55 meters long, some 180 feet, but they have be disassembled to become shorter.

The bridges are supposed to be temporary, but sometimes they are onsite for years.

However, workmen soon will be removing one of the temporary bridges at the point between Hatillo and the Pavas turnoff on the Circunvalación where the road washed out.  They have to reduce the lanes so that the permanent bridge can begin to take shape. 

This means there will be more tie-ups and traffic restrictions. Eventually all four of the bridges have to be removed to make way for the permanent structure.

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