Two receive national prizes for academic work

Two Costa Ricans who are academics overseas have been awarded national prizes in science and mathematics.

They are Jasson Vindas Días, a mathematician now in Belgium, and Carlos Rodríguez Rodríguez, a microbiologist in Barcelona, Spain. He received his doctorate at the University of Louisiana.

The prizes are awarded annually by the Ministro de Ciencia, Tecnología y Telecomunicaciones.

Vindas works in theoretical math in the area of asymptotic analysis or the study of limiting functions. He is with the University of Ghent.

Rodríguez obtained his doctorate at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona where he is now a post doctorate fellow. His work has been in the use of fungus to degrade contaminated wastes. He also is on the faculty at the Universidad de Costa Rica.

Coincidentally both men were classmates in the Colegio Científico de Costa Rica in San Pedro, the ministry noted.

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