University students trying to build program to get seniors jobs

Students at Tecnológico de Costa Rica, one of the country’s public universities, are trying to create paid and unpaid jobs for seniors.

An announcement noted that seniors have acquired all types of knowledge and experience during years of work. The idea is to have a type of employment exchange.

The work may be for compensation or voluntary, said the announcement.

The Cartago-based school already has an educational program seniors, the Proyecto Educativo del TEC para Personas Adultas Mayores.

Costa Rica does not have an age discrimination law, and persons over the age of 35 frequently have trouble getting a job.

The situation is worse for older adults, and many are essentially unemployable.

The program might provide an opening for expats who wish to share their knowledge in Costa Rica. Many have set up their own efforts, but those with background in the more technical areas sometimes have trouble making connections.

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