Woman chains self to post seeking justice from courts

A Limón woman chained herself to a pole outside the court building in Goicoechea Tuesday because she wanted to draw attention to her case. The Poder Judicial identified the woman by the last names of  Morales Serrano. The Poder Judicial also said that a hearing in a case in which she is the victim is scheduled March 5.

The woman lives in Cieneguita, a section of Limón that is basically ruled by gangs. However, the situation may be a neighborhood dispute.

The Poder Judicial said that last June 16 someone pumped at least 17 shots into the home occupied by Ms. Morales. On another occasion someone tried to burn down an unoccupied home on property owned by the Morales family, said the Poder Judicial.

A woman has been detained as the suspect in the shooting incident, and the Poder Judicial said that a preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 5 and that the prosecutor is going to ask that the case go to trial.

Goicoechea is where the courts of the  II Circuito Judicial de San José are located.

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