Avoidance, not moderation, is called for with fluoride

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I like to comment on your reader’s opinion article: “Expat rejects food fads and says eat moderately” by Dr. John Cocker.

I agree with him about everything in moderation but just like any other rules there are exceptions especially where the ill effect or damage is cumulative. His assertion that “if diluted enough, everything becomes non-toxic” is dangerous. Would you take hemlock in small daily doses? Why do doctors and radiologists and dentists wear a badge to measure the cumulative exposure to radiation? It is the cumulative effect, although in radiation we are concerned about the maximum total exposure as well as the single maximum dose exposure.

I agree with Dr. Cocker on his position on iodine. Unfortunately people still view iodine only in terms of goiter. While the highest concentration of iodine in the body is in the thyroid, the fact is that every cell in the body needs iodine. Similarly for the longest time people viewed vitamin D only in terms of rickets or vitamin C only in terms of scurvy, and now the medical profession has turned around.

Fluoride is a totally different matter. It is true that fluoride has been and unfortunately still used in our drinking water and toothpastes as well as some cosmetics. I cannot fault the medical and dental profession for supporting fluoridation years back, but more and more scientific research has come out against fluoride. We know it takes a lot of scientific proof to convince governments to reverse a tradition that has been in practice for years, but to date, nine states have voted to stop fluoridation of their water. You can view it HERE! 

If you care to know more about how fluoridation of drinking water affects your health, I urge you to check out this LINK. 

A very good link to a collection of scientific papers on fluoride can be found HERE! 

In the Periodic Table, in Column 17 reading it going down is F, Cl, Br, I, and you can understand how fluoride affects your thyroid. I suggest this is one reason why we have so many hypothyroids running around, especially undiagnosed subclinical hypothyroids. Doctor tends to order a lab test and just read numbers and if it falls between the accepted range, then all clinical signs and symptoms goes out the window.  The rise of hypothyroids mirrors the period of fluoridation of drinking water.

Remember that damage caused by fluoride is cumulative, and so the common sense of everything in moderation does not apply. The risk-reward equation dictates it. Just because fluoride is natural in SOME areas does not mean that it is not harmful to you especially fluoridating the drinking water wholesale.

I will add that my profession was (now retired) dental surgery.

Dr. Dennis Jay

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