Baby left accidentally in sweltering car dies from heat-induced injuries

A seven-month-old baby left by accident in his father’s sweltering car died Thursday in the Hospital de Niños. The case has attracted widespread emotions over the tragedy.

The father, a bank employee in Alajuela, was reported to have been distracted by a cell call while driving the child to a day care center. Eventually the father parked the car in Alajuela Centro and went to work.

The man appears to have believed he had dropped his only child in the day care center as he normally did.

The child was strapped into a car seat and may have remained in the vehicle for up to three hours beneath the blazing sun.

Hospital attendants estimated that the child may have been exposed to temperatures of up to 50 degree C/ (122 F).  Wednesday was mostly partly cloudy. Attendants said the child had a temperature of 44 degrees C. (111 F.).

The child underwent emergency treatment at the Alajuela Hospital and then was taken to the hospital that specializes in children.

Judicial investigators are awaiting the report of a medical examiner before developing a case. One said negligent homicide was a possible charge.

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