Child care network receives approval for permanency

The legislature voted unanimously Tuesday to provide a legal framework for the Chinchilla administration’s Red Nacional de Cuido y Desarrollo Infantil.

This is a program of child care and education that now includes some 32,000 youngsters mostly from poorer families. They are in 852 facilities.

The lawmakers approved the measure on second reading, which means that the law only lacks President Laura Chinchilla signature. She is enthusiastic about the program.

The law will provide permanency to the program after Ms. Chinchilla leaves office.

The child care centers are all over the country and involve public, private and mixed facilities. The centers were set up so that women with children could work, go to school or be involved in some other activity that did not involve caring for their children for a time.

The centers also provide food and pre-school education. The country has invested nearly $37 million in facilities for the child care network.

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