Chinchilla administration moves into history with paper chase

Behind the scenes the Laura Chinchilla administration is being converted into history.

Costa Rica law requires the executive branch to deposit all its paperwork and audio visual materials with the Archivo Nacional for safekeeping. The Archivo will safeguard every scrap for 20 years until there is a review of historic value or the material and some will be discarded.

This is not a spur of the moment event. The Archivo has been instructing executive branch workers on what to do for several years. Many agencies already had deposited the bulk of their paperwork for the last four years. That has been going on since January.

So far the Archivo in Zapote has taken custody of the documents from the administrations of Rafael Ángel Calderón Fournier, José María Figueres Olsen, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Echeverría, Abel Pacheco de la Espriella and Oscar Arias Sánchez.

The effort also signals a reduction in the work at the various ministries. Costa Rica has a civil service system, so only the top managers will be looking for jobs. The political appointees are members of the Partido Liberación Nacional, whose presidential nominee has halted campaigning. That’s a pretty good indication that the winner of the April 6 runoff vote will be Luis Guillermo Solís of the Partido Acción Ciudadana.

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