Circunvalación returning to four lanes Wednesday

Highway officials think that a new eastbound bridge on the Circunvalación will be ready for traffic Wednesday morning.

The pre-fabricated concrete and steel beams are in, and workmen were supposed to be pouring concrete over the weekend. The concrete is supposed to fill in the spaces between the pre-fabricated beams that are 75 meters long. That is about 246 feet.

Officials said that the concrete needs three days to cure.

Work soon will begin on a second-two-lane bridge, but transport official say that this will not affect the existing two temporary bridges that carry the eastbound traffic.

Eventually the temporary bridges will be replaced but there will be a second new bridge in place, they said. The timetable calls for both bridges to be in service in May.

The washout in August put this section at Hatillo out of service for a time and with restricted traffic since. The cost to businesses and ordinary citizens has been in the millions.

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