Collection of Russian art work displayed at troubling time

Although events on the world political scene may change the billing, Russia still is the country of honor for the  Festival Internacional de las Artes 2014

To underline this, the Museo de Arte Costarricense has put on display 17 Russian engravings. The country is famous for its poster work, even those directed at children.

The Russian revolution injected enthusiasm in the art world as legions of artists were employed to bring the Bolshevik story to the masses. The same was true after German invaded Russia, and art was used to maintain public morale.

The works that are in display come from the museum’s own collection.

Costa Rica has not yet made an official statement about the Russian invasion of the Crimea. Ukrainian officials claim that Russia has invaded with 15,000 troops, but that is hard to verify. There were some Russian military units there already because the Russian Black Sea fleet has a port there.

European Union foreign ministers have issued a Thursday deadline for Russian President Vladimir Putin to pull back his troops or face punitive measures.

Russia, meanwhile, is calling on Ukraine to return to a Feb. 21 agreement between ousted President Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition that involved forming a national unity government.

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