Commercial salt manipulated, so take a dose of sea water

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I am so glad to know I am not the only one concerned about the toxic, fluoridated, salt sold here in Costa Rica. What a scam!  I have been bringing in Real Salt (a trademark) for eight years.  We (mammals) all need salt, especially in the tropics where we sweat constantly.  Animals will travel long distances to find sources of salt.

People need to know that the reason doctors tell them to cut down on salt is because most commercial salt is heated up to 3,000 degrees F. (preserving it — making it easy to pour),  making it unavailable to the metabolic system, causing high blood pressure.    And, often as here in Costa Rica, the substance sold as table salt is adulterated with chemical toxins, otherwise an unacceptable substance in our waste systems.  That’s right — pollution.

So your doctor is right. Don’t eat this stuff!  And when you notice that craving for the need to balance the minerals in your system, take a few teaspoons of  (clean as possible) sea water, or another source of real, unheated, unadulterated salt.

Alana Shaffer
Playas del Coco

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