Cosmetic firm wins business of year honors

Kio Cosmèticos Naturales del Caribe and its founder, Karla Solano, have been honored as the small business of the year. That was the highlight of the three-day Limón Emprende exposition of some 100 small businesses on the Caribbean coast.

Ms. Solano said the show was the second time exhibiting, said the sponsor, the Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio. There were other prizes, cash awards that were sometimes divided between more than one firm.

Judging by a panel of 19 was based on innovation, social impact and a vision for the future. Some of the winners produced products using raw materials typical of the Caribbean, including coconut fiber and chocolate.

Of the 21 exhibits of food producers, two were chosen to represent the Caribbean in the Expo Pyme 2014 that begins April 25 in Parque La Libertad in Desamparados with the support of the Promotora de Comercio Exterior and the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje.

In addition to food, the products displayed came from the agricultural, commercial, services and technological sectors. About 7,000 persons attended the exposition, said the ministry, which handles the small business program.

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