Costa Rican picked the wrong day to spray the marijuana plants

Usually when anti-drug agents descend on a marijuana patch, no one is there. But when they raided a patch in Piedras Negras in the Cantón de Mora, they found a man hard at work spraying the plants.

The man, a Costa Rican, went into custody, and agents of the Policía de Control de Drogas destroyed the crop. There were 1,233 plants up to about 20 inches in height, they said.

Agent said they received telephone calls about the marijuana patch. They also said that the man detained had prior arrests for similar crimes and that there was a warrant outstanding for him.

There is a good chance that the man will not see any post-conviction jail time.  Some of the new lawmakers are considering presenting measures to decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana. The reasons would be to raise money through taxation and also to reduce some of the prison crowding.

Some 150 woman have just been released after being jailed for trying to smuggle drugs into prisons. Such woman are eligible for home confinement, due to a measure recently approved.

The new legislature that takes office May 1 seems to have a number of members who are not hard liners on marijuana and other drug use.

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