Device tracks and turns off stolen vehicles

A new GPS security system allows authorities to quickly track down and turn off stolen vehicles. Taxis are beginning to install the tracking app called Tramigo, which lets victimized cabbies turn off their cars with a simple text message.

In 2013 alone, the Judicial Investigating Organization said it received 3,845 vehicle theft complaints, the distributor said. The firm quoted one taxi owner, Juan Carlos Campos, who said that he used the service to successfully track down his car and its abducted driver in just an hour.

“I received the alert from the panic button, and I tracked the location of the car as it was on the way to Cartago,” Campos said in a press release. “I called the driver but he did not answer me. Then I coordinated with the distributor company and we informed the police, and when they located the taxi we turned off the engine.”

Tramigo is hooked up to a driver’s SIM card in a cell phone, which also allows receipt of messages like reports and alerts. The Finland-based security device is now being used worldwide. Thanks to the free app, both the driver and authorized personnel have access to control and monitor the vehicle from a phone, tablet, or computer, the company said.

The app arrives to Costa Rica via Decisiones Acertadas. Besides tracking and control features, the system has a number of other useful tools like a panic button, hidden microphone and timetable notifications. In addition to taxis and cars, the service is available to use on buses, motorcycles, ships and even people.

It takes about 90 minutes for customers to install the system on their vehicles. They then need to download the free app on a mobile device or computer, the company said. Following a quick registration process, each user is then given unlimited access to the security feature, it added.

José Carlos Fernández, who is the head of Decisiones Acertadas, said Tramigo’s satellite technology grants an efficient and personalized way to keep vehicles secured.

“It brings great benefits to users, such as monitoring and control personalized way,” he said. “Each client has individual control and can monitor their vehicles from their devices without assistance or third parties.”

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