Eight suspects held in Guanacaste and northern zone cable thefts

Eight men accused of stealing phone cables throughout the country were detained Thursday morning by agents from the Judicial Investigating Organization. The suspects are accused of stealing more than 148 million colons, or about $276,000 worth of cables.

During a 10-month investigation in Desamparados, Guápiles, and Santa Cruz in Guanacaste, agents from each region coordinated to track down the suspects. They have been linked to 29 distinct cases of cable robbery, according to the organization.

Judicial agents said the robberies took place in the communities of Upala, Guápiles, Santa Cruz, Nicoya, Cañas, Orotina and Siqurres.

Their preliminary reports suggest that the robberies began last May. The robbers would act in early mornings after days of planning and scouting out each area, generally where there were few homes. According to the report, they would remove the cable to carry out logistical work, cut the cable, then leave it hidden in order to collect later.

In all, robbers stole nearly 14,000 meters of cable from the state electric and telecommunication company, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad.

Judicial agents entered six separate homes Thursday morning at 6 a.m. There they detained each of the eight suspects.

Officials said the houses will now be used as part of the evidence gathering process

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