Expat rejects food fads and says eat moderately

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

So mineral salt is to be the next fad?

Your writer is correct when he states that salt is toxic. Everything is toxic. Water is toxic, oxygen is toxic, everything is toxic. It is the dose which makes it so. Conversely, if diluted enough, everything becomes non-toxic.

All the experts agree that fluoride is the one factor which had almost eliminated dental cavities. If dentists only wanted to make money, they would be the ones trying to ban it.

In my generation, the average person had over 10 cavities, now it is less than one. Both my parents had lost all their teeth by the age of 40, and this was usual.

As for iodine, in the county where I was brought up, Derbyshire, the water supply had zero iodine, and thyroid disease was so common it was called “Derbyshire neck.” Adding a trace of iodine to salt eliminated it.

As for trace minerals, I have never seen anyone suffering from lack of trace minerals. Don’t forget we are all living longer, so we must be doing something right.

Forget these fads. Eat everything in moderation. You do not need dietary supplements.

Dr. John Cocker
Tres Rios, Osa
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