Experience narrowly defeats youth in cricket season opener in Limón

The San José cricket team, the Corsairs, defeated the Limón Cricket Club Sunday at Earth University.

In a well-attended game, the Corsairs won by 17 runs over their younger opponents. The score was 79 runs for 8 wickets. Limon were all out for 62 runs, so the game was close.

Limon’s elder batsman Anderson scored 17 runs while Corsairs Zain Ul-Tashnoni took three wickets for one run. Corsairs captain Lofty took three wickets for 14 runs.  Man of the match was Zain. Also in attendance was Tom Humphries of the International Cricket Council.

The Corsairs, elder statesmen of cricket in Costa  Rica, did well to win by such a slim margin. Their opposing team whose average age was in their 20s and made up of nationals and Hondurans, Guatemalans and Mexicans played with unexpected finesse and only lost by the smallest of margins.

Anyone interested in the game of cricket can log onto www.costaricacricket.org for details of how to either join or participate.

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