Fake documents can hurt private firms, too

Businesses are highly vulnerable to the kind of problem that the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones faced.

Modern technology makes faking documents a snap. The tribunal was in the spotlight because ballots for the April 6 election began showing up.  El Diaro Extra found some and wrote about it.

The ballots are supposed to be under heavy security until the election.

It turns out that the Tribunal says it has all the ballots and that none have been stolen. This suggests that for whatever reason someone has created fake ballots. The effort may have been to cast doubt on the outcome of the April 5 elections.

With computer and Photoshop technology, no advanced training is needed to fake any sort of document as long as they do not undergo serious scrutiny.

The ballots have watermarks that are not easy to duplicate.

But business people see a lot of documents that are much easier to fake. How about a note from the clinic that excuses an employee from work.  How about receipts for travel and meals for employees who can obtain reimbursement for the expenditures.

Crooks have known for a long time that they can forge purchase orders and make off with materials and goods.

That is one of the reasons some companies still use embossing seals for their important documents.

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