Festival de las Artes will fill the capital with a multitude of events

A massive artistic invasion is about to fill San José with dance, painting, music, theater, and more. Thursday the Festival Internacional de las Artes returns to its base in Parque Sabana, although art galleries and live performances will take place across the metro area.

The festival works from the stated philosophy of promoting and strengthening art and its production within Costa Rica. In featuring national talents alongside many innovative minds from around the globe, the festival explores endless disciplines and varieties of popular art.

Here’s a rundown of some of the art forms being featured from April 3 to April 13:

Bulevar: Interactive pieces from Spain that transform everyday public spaces into entertaining and visually inviting areas. There will be a steel labyrinth set up everyday in Parque la Sabana that festival-goers can try to conquer.

Workshops: A variety of workshops and classes, from acting to flamenco to hip-hip, allow attendees another way to get involved.

One such workshop is a kids-only session that teaches the works and styles of Salvador Dalí, the famous Spanish surrealist painter.

Music: Loads of concerts and intimate sets will entertain audience members with a diverse lineup of bands that span nearly every genre. Gandhi, the famous Costa Rican group, will play Friday night at the Plaza La Soledad in front of the church of the same name downtown.

Theater: Traditional and street theater performances that include more than 30 plays from troupes spanning the globe. Costa Rica’s very own national theater company will be performing King Lear Wednesday at Teatro Melico Salazar.

Visual art: Paintings, structures, and other visual art pieces will be on display throughout the city’s museums and parks. The Antigua Aduana has already unveiled some exhibitions and is housing four full-time galleries that features artists from Spain, Holland, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

Numerous other disciplines like film, poetry, and even pantomiming will also be on display. Details are at festivaldelasartes.go.cr, including a full-schedule arranged by art genre and artist.

The Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud began the international festival in 1989 as a theater-only event. Now every year the festival cycles between being nationally and internationally based.

By Michael Krumholtz
of the A.M. Costa Rica staff

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