Fossil salt has all the minerals that humans need to live well

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

In response to James Marshall’s letter about salt and fluoride.

Table salt is toxic. I tend to say extremely toxic not only behind the added fluoride (also iodine in non-colloidal form which is an insane requirement) but also the anti-caking ingredients like aluminum silica, sodium ferrocyanide or potassium ferrocyanide plus – last but certainly not least – the total absence of minerals and trace elements, the real goodness of fossil salts.

Since childhood we were told that fluoride was good for our teeth, which is a total myth, but by design. As in other realms of medicine, among other things, if we are healthy the medical professionals shall starve.

Dentists the world over parroted what the dentistry honchos dictated. As a matter of fact, fluoride is said to actually promote osteoporosis.  Moreover, fluoride is not only part of a rat poison cocktail but was allegedly used by the fascists in the last century to render prison inmates docile.

But our body needs salt although it requires the fossil salt that still has all the minerals and trace elements that were meant to be in it. Not even today’s sea salt (sal marina) we see in supermarkets reaches an adequate dietary level.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In Costa Rica, Finn Alexander is a distributor of pink mineral salt from Pakistan’s huge Khewra mines in the Punjab Province (often mistakenly labeled Himalayan Salt). The age of this natural salt deposit dates back to the Permian Period about 250 to 300 million years ago, and we may rightfully assume that this natural product from the depth of the Earth is completely uncontaminated. It has 84 minerals and trace elements in colloidal form which enables the body’s cells to easily absorb the goodness. There is nothing artificial in fossil salt while its varying color depends on the quantity of different minerals.

Alexander the Great was credited with discovering these very salt deposits in what today is Pakistan. But the kudos should actually go to his horses which, after stressful times of war and conquest while chilling out, began to lick stones when grazing around the encampment.

Mineral salt, an enormously valuable fossil substance, became a mode of payment for soldiers and mercenaries and gave rise to the word salary.

Natural salt is absolutely non-toxic and has many benefits for our health which are simply too many to list here.

If anyone is interested in this product I’m gladly leaving the email contact of this fine gentleman who also may be CR’s youngest entrepreneur, having started his enterprise at the age of 16.  (

Axel Marquardt
Hamburg, Germany
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