International festival set for women in Santa Ana

March has long been labelled as Women’s History Month. Now for the first time, the poetry-based Festival Internacional Grito de Mujer 2014 will take place in Costa Rica Saturday.

Poet Julieta Dobles Izaguirre is scheduled to receive the Premio Magón, which is the country’s most-recognized cultural award. Her opening tribute will be followed by a variety of readings, musical recitals, and visual pieces from Costa Rican female artists.

A dance group of young women from the Grupo Estable de Danza EMAI will perform for the crowd under the direction of Costa Rican ballerina Andrea Navarro. There will also be a number of poetry readings headed by the community-based “El Círculo de los Poetas Vivos de Santa Ana.”

Following a theme slogan of “No more assaults against women,” the works will be dedicated to women all over the world. Grito de Mujer was founded in 2009 in the Dominican Republic by the poet Jael Uribe. Her goal in starting the project was to offer a Spanish voice to the budding conversation about women’s roles and the importance of their artistic productions, organizers said. Thirty-seven countries from all over the world will be represented at the festival, they added.

The festival is at 7 p.m. in the Auditorio de la Escuela Municipal en Artes Integradas in Santa Ana.

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