Judicial agents recover a batch of purloined snakes in Pérez Zeledón

Judicial Investigating Organization agents arrested a 25-year-old man who is a suspect  in the robbery of $15,000 worth of snakes. The suspect, Kenneth Ramos Vega, is accused of taking the reptiles from Reptilandia snake farm in Pérez Zeledón.

According to the judicial organization, 17 snakes were taken from an exhibition at the snake farm. Nine of them were immediately recognized by Reptilandia’s owner and returned to him after agents found the animals. They have been missing since the night of Jan. 4.

A pair of venomous pit viper species, the Bothrops asper and the eyelash viper, were found at the scene. The Bothrops asper is also known in Spanish as the terciopelo or in English as the Central American fer-de-lance and is native to the region where it has gained notoriety as being one of the most dangerous vipers. Agents also retrieved five small alligators kept in separate Mayan urns, they said.

The suspect was promoting the sale of  animals through social media. He said in his advertisements that he would only do business with foreigners and was selling snakes for up to  2  million  colons.

The rest of the confiscated serpents were sent to the Institution Clodomiro Picado in Coronado. Ramos is waiting for a judicial ruling from the Ministerio Publico.

The institut, among other functions, produces anti-venom.

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