March Saturday will challenge nation’s link with Catholicism

Some Costa Ricans would like to eliminate the clause in the Constitution that establishes the Roman Catholic Church as the state religion.

This opinion has been expressed more lately during discussions over artificial fertilization, homosexuality and abortion.

A group that seeks a lay state said Wednesday that it would march Saturday staring at 1 p.m. from Parque Central to Casa Amarilla, the foreign ministry.

The citizens also said that they have been unable to obtain the full outline of a proposed agreement that Costa Rica is making with the Vatican. Despite meeting with Enrique Castillo, the foreign minister, the citizens say they have not been privy to the document.

Castillo took office faced with requests by the Catholic Church for more influence in schools and in the nation. President Laura Chinchilla is believed to have discussed the issue when she was in rome.

The group, which calls itself the Movimiento Invisibles, said that the agreement with the church infringes on human rights.

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