Minister meets with group fighting bribery, corruption

Ana Isabel Garita, Costa Rica’s minister of  Justicia y Paz has participated in a meeting of the anti-corruption working group of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The amti-corruption group began in 1994 as part of the organization’s  convention that treats. among other aspects,  corrupt trade practices.

Ms. Garita said that Costa Rica shares these same philosophies against corruption that are highlighted by the convention.

“Costa Rica has made significant strides in the battle against corruption and is ready to implement even higher standards,” Ms. Garita said. “The adoption of the anti-corruption convention is another step along this path to becoming the type of country that we want to be.”

Costa Rica is seeking to obtain membership in the organization.

“By participating in the working group on bribery, Costa Rica would undergo major revisions to its anti-corruption laws,” Ms. Garita said. “The Ministerio de Justicia is more than willing to continue working alongside this organization to strengthen international tools to ensure international business transactions follow the principles outlined in the convention.”

Members of the organization will review Costa Rica’s application to become a working member. In 2013 the two sides began talks for Costa Rica to be included as a member in 2015.

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