New dengue medication found to be highly effective

Results of a two-year phase three human clinical trial into 98alive’s efficacy in treating dengue fever have been so positive that experts are now suggesting the drug be adopted as the standard treatment for the deadly virus in Indonesia.

Conducted by 12 leading scientists at Indonesia’s Airlangga University, the trial found the active ingredient in 98alive decreased the viral load of all four strains of dengue fever at a rate of 96.67 percent.

It’s a significant breakthrough in treating one of the world’s most prevalent communicable diseases, with the trial’s Principal Investigator Professor Nasronudin stating it’s achieved what many international health organizations have been trying for decades to do.

“This finding is an innovation in treating dengue fever which up until now has had no vaccine or treatment therapy available,” Nasronudin said. “Not only did it show 98alive has antiviral activity against the dengue virus, but results also indicate that it strengthens the immune system.”

Privately funded by the product’s discoverer and developer, Australian-based company 98 Alive Pty Ltd, the double-blind, randomized and placebo controlled trial involved 530 patients who had dengue.

The experiment showed that at a dosage of 300 milligrams twice daily, 98alive significantly reduced the symptoms of dengue fever by day three, with symptoms having disappeared by day five.

A patented formulation of Melaleuca alternifolia leaf extract that uniquely contains 98 separate molecular structures, 98alive was developed by 98 Alive to strengthen the immune system against a number of diseases.

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