Personalized service is key at Escazú facility

Kim Ampie of Hogar Bello Horizonte likened the new medical recovery center to a mixture between resort and wellness center.

“One patient who stayed said that it didn’t feel like a hospital at all but that it felt like a house,” she said.

The wellness center opened its doors last October in Escazú. It invites those recovering from surgeries or undergoing other medical transitions. The center with eight available rooms gives patients physical therapy, psychiatric treatment, and a comfortable and active atmosphere. Hogar Bello Horizonte also has a nursing home on site.

Part of the focus on comfort comes from an appetizing plate of food. Hospital patients usually think of the food as something synonymous with gruel. But Ms. Ampie said the in-house nutritionist provides those recovering with healthy and exciting  meals.

“We had a patient who came from open-heart surgery, so when he came over he was worried that the diet was going to be really bad,” she said. “We managed to provide him with a delicious low-sodium diet.”

As opposed to a standard hotel that offers complimentary breakfast, patients of Hogar Bello Horizonte receive three included meals each day. But like a fine hotel, the center offers comfortable and homey rooms with plasma TVs and free WiFi. There is also a pool and one-acre garden.

As medical tourism continues to attract international visitors, a place like Hogar Bello Horizonte can ease the transition and relieve the stress involved in getting medical care in a foreign country, workers said.

Ms. Ampie came to the medical center as a concierge worker from the five-star Gaia Boutique Hotel in Manuel Antonio. She said the team at Hogar Bello Horizonte is small but well-equipped to provide the best service.

“We’re just starting, but we have a very professional staff with young, passionate people,” she said. “More than the experience it’s the people that work here and the project itself that we focus on. It’s a very personalized service.”

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