Police begin a campaign against window breakers

Crooks, mostly young men, have a steady business along the Circunvalación in Hatillo.

When vehicles stop at traffic lights there, the crooks break a side window and try to steal whatever is in reach. Main targets are women driving alone. They usually leave their purse on the passenger seat.

Business was slow when officials closed the highway due to a washout nearby. But now the highway is fully back in service and so are the young crooks. Many are well below 18.

The Fuerza Pública officers in Hatillo said Thursday that they were setting up preventative campaigns along the highway.  There are only three traffic lights, so the zones where motorists are at risk are limited.

The young crooks even have their own name in Spanish:quiebravidrios, basically “window breakers.”

A major problem for enforcement is that the youngsters because of their age usually are returned to the streets when caught.

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