Policy on immigration to be presented today

The central government presents today what is being called an integrated policy of immigration.

The project has involved many government agencies and was directed by the new Consejo Nacional de Migración that was formed by the last immigration rewrite that took effect in 2010.

The policy has been reduced to an 82-page document. The goal is to promote the effective management by the state of the realities of immigration, it says.

The topics are very broad, ranging from refugees to trafficking in persons to involvement of the native groups that do not recognize national borders. Like the law itself, there is an emphasis on respecting human rights.

The government considers this important because Vice President Alfio Piva Mesén will be there, and the foreign diplomats accredited to Costa Rica also have been invited.

Of interest expats are concerned about enrolling legal residents in the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social. The document also cites the last national census to report that there are 15,000 persons born in the United States living in Costa Rica.

No major changes are expected from this document, which is described as an overview and a first step to outline the immigration situation.

The goals and objectives are in abstract terms, such as to promote the management of immigration for the benefit of national development.

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