Proponents of free and safe abortions say they plan a march Saturday

Proponents of legal, safe and free abortions plan a march Saturday, which happens to be the international day of women.

The announcement of the 2 p.m. march from Parque Central bore the logos of more than 12 organizations. The announcement also said that there are  27,000 illegal abortions in Costa Rica each year and that a national survey found that 47 percent of the women said they did not want their last pregnancy.

To require a woman to continue with an imposed pregnancy is cruel and sometimes leads to suicides among young women, said the announcement. It called for a woman to have autonomy, the right to health and physical integrity.

The announcement also said that political parties are using the bodies of women as a means of exchange in this election season. The announcement said that politicians are negotiating the rights of women for votes.

Abortion has been a topic in the runoff election between Luis Guillermo Solís and Johnny Araya Monge. Both men have paid calls on religious leaders.

March organizers have set up a Facebook page, which is HERE!

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