Sensors detected 113 earthquakes during the first seven days of March

Earthquake experts have registered 113 quakes in the first seven days of the month.

The total does not count the quake estimated at 5.0 magnitude that took place in the middle of the gulf of Nicoya at noon Tuesday.

The Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico at Universidad Nacional attributes the flurry of March quakes to the 6.2 event that took place off the northern coast of Nicaragua March 2.

Some 11 of the quakes took place off Playa Garza near Nosara on the far Pacific coast of the Nicoya peninsula. And there were five around Parrita, the Observatorio said. These were believed to be a reaction to the Feb. 16 quake of 4.6 magnitude that took place there.

Only six of these 113 quakes were reported to have been felt by humans.

The 5.0 magnitude quake Tuesday happened at a minute after noon. There is a fault that runs north and south in the gulf of Nicoya and inland to Nicaragua. This is a highly active area.

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