Solís campaign even has platform plank for animals

Protection of the habitat and its wildlife has long been a focal point for green-conscious Costa Rican authorities. Presidential candidate Luis Guillermo Solís and his campaign have released a plan to focus on the well being of the nation’s animal population. Wildlife, pets, and farm animals are all addressed in the party’s platform.

As the lone active candidate after Johnny Araya Monge’s campaign suspension last week, Solís said he wants to promote animal welfare throughout the country.

This promise would look to keep endangered and sometimes dangerous animals protected and also look for measures to keep pet populations manageable and try to prevent their abandonment.

His campaign said for these outcomes to come to fruition, the country must accept long-term, cultural changes that can give pets and wild animals a better quality of life. A summary said that the importance of non-governmental organizations and social services that provide for animals will be stressed.

The proposal by Solís consists of four parts. First, he wants to improve the education and awareness levels pertaining to the subject of animals and ownership. The plan states that it wants this point to reach every household in the country.

Partido Acción Ciudadana also said, in adhering to Ley 2391 that deals with lawful animal registration, it will try to control overpopulation and promote neutering initiatives for those who own pets. They said they are trying to sterilize at least 80 percent of the pet population.

The party also proposes greater reinforcement to back the government institutions that deal with animal welfare and control.

The campaign said it wants to be sure to have the most up-to-date technologies and tools to monitor and aid the entire population.

The plan further states it will involve the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias and similar networks to offer support for animals in emergency scenarios, either medically or risk-wise.

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