Tourism chamber opposes alcohol restrictions

The national tourism chamber urged the nations 81 municipalities to allow the sale of alcohol for Semana Santa and also around the day of the national elections April 6.

A recent change in the law gave municipalities the power to make this decision.

The Cámara Nacional de Turismo said in a letter to the various municipal councils that prohibiting the sale of alcohol is something that has a negative impact on tourism.

The chamber said that only 6 percent of the municipalities has said what they will do. The Municipalities of  Tibás, Mora, El Guarco and San Rafael de Heredia have said they will not restrict the sale of alcohol but the central canton of San José will, the chamber said.

Typically the restrictions, if there are any, will apply to Holy Thursday and Good Friday during Semana Santa and the day before and the day after the national elections.

The chamber also urged municipalities to make a decision quickly so tourism operators, bar owners and restaurant operators will know.  In the past, the decision was made at the national level.

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