U.S. visitors face allegations of importing undeclared cash

The Costa Rican branch of the International Police Agency arrested a group of Americans for suspected money laundering on Thursday. According to the Judicial Investigating Organization. The suspects were coming from the United States with $45,820 in undeclared cash. They have been identified as Caridad Leiva Maité, 41, Angélica Figueroa, 20, and Pedro Humberto Figueroa, 18.

A 17-year-old who was also traveling with the trio was sent to the Patronato Nacional de la Infancia for care.

Authorities from the police agency reported that they received an anonymous tip that allowed them to make the arrest as soon as the three suspects entered the Juan Santamaría airport after their Miami arrival.  The agents work at the new INTERPOL office set up in the airport.

Bulging envelopes of cash were hidden inside suitcases stuffed with clothes. The money was only in denominations of 100-, 50- and 20-dollar bills, said agents.

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