Visit to see his friend proves fatal in Bagaces

A man who dropped by to visit a friend was swept up as one of the victims in a double murder Saturday in Bagaces in Guanacaste.

The dead visitor was identified by the last name of Guido by the Judicial Investigating Organization. He was 71, agents said.

The apparent target of what investigators are characterizing as a robbery and murder was a 62-year-old man with the last name of Valverde. He was shot five times, agents said. That includes one bullet in the head.

Guido was tied up and then murdered with a sharp instrument, agents added. They said he had five wounds in his head.

Valverde lived at the location but also had a business there extracting fish oil. He was described as a hard worker.
Investigators said that an employee appears to have been jumped outside the building and then tied up while the crime was committed. The crime was discovered when another employee reported for night shift work.

The two bodies were found outside the buildings about 45 feet apart.

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