Agents await autopsy in suspicious death of Desamparados child, 4

Judicial investigators have another case of the mystery death of a child. Agents said that they were called to a home in  Jericó de Desamparados early Saturday. There they found the body of a 4 year old. Initially investigators said they found evidence of injuries to the girl’s body, and that suggested some form of parental violence.

However a later inspection revealed that the injuries were old and that the woman who was caring for the child, her adoptive mother,had only done so for five months.

Cruz Roja attendants arrived first and made efforts to stabilize the child, but they failed to do so.

The girl will be the subject of an autopsy as medical examiners try to  determine the cause of death.

Last week a child died at the Hospital del Niños from what appeared to be inflicted trauma. Both parents have been placed in preventative detention while the investigation continues.

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