Agreement signed to guarantee security for famous Alajuela statue

The historic “Monumento al Agricultor” will be returned to Alajuela after the municipality can insure that the large bronze work will be safe.

That is the outcome of an agreement reached Friday with the municipality, the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud and the  Museo de Arte Costarricense.

Culture officials removed the bronze from Alajuela two years ago and placed it at the museum in Parque la Sabana for safekeeping. The monument had suffered from the ravages of time and of vandals.

The monument is the work of  Francisco Zúñiga and depicts a family of farmers with the wife working in the soil as a child clings to her. The monument marks the way agriculture built the country.

The monument is in the process of being restored.

The agreement signed Friday among the three parties was mostly ceremonial to mark the Día de Juan Santamaría because there always have been plans to return the statute.

This time it will be located in Parque Próspero Fernández in the center of Alajuela Centro, which is presumed to be a safe location. Restoration of the monument is not finished, and that also is a condition of moving it back to Alajuela.

The original location was at a park not far from Juan Santamaría airport in full view of passing cars.

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