Bancrédito finally outlines exit tax procedures

Since the enforcement of the land exit tax at the beginning of this month, authorities have set up electronic kiosks for travelers to pay the $7 fee at each border office.

As the borders gear up for a busy Semana Santa, the machines affiliated with Bancrédito are meant to speed up the departure process for anyone who has waited to pay the obligatory tax. Reports from the border tell of another nightmare of travelers who did not know about the tax.

Gerardo Porras, the general manager of Bancrédito, said the bank’s straightforward technology is directly wired to border officials’ computers.

“The system that the bank uses allows people to electronically send the tax’s proof of payment to the Migración worker at the border once it’s been authorized by Bancrédito,” he said.

The specialized kiosks are set up at the border posts in Peñas Blancas, Paso Canoas, Rio Sereno in Sabalito, and Sixaola.

They only accept credit and debit cards from MasterCard and Visa, an announcement said. The bank issued a statement today after the crush at the northern border became known in the metro area.

Porras said that although the kiosks will be a helpful tool, travelers should not count on them.
He advised they should come prepared to the border with the exit tax already paid so as to prevent long lines. The bank maintains a list in Spanish of authorized agencies that will accept the tax money HERE!

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