Business community awaits Solís decisions

When president-election Luis Guillermo Solís announces at least some of his cabinet selections later today, the business community will be watching to learn his choice to head Hacienda, the budget ministry.

This critical appointment is the key to reducing the annual budget deficit and the enormous national debt. The current minister, Edgar Ayales, who would have stayed in the job had the Partido Liberación Nacional candidate, Johnny Araya Monge, won the presidency. He has a plan to reduce the deficit in five years with careful spending and more taxes.

The party of Solís, Acción Ciudadana, is less than two decades old, and the party has not held the presidency. So Solís is hard-pressed to find experienced individuals to head ministries. Most of the experienced members of the party chose to seek legislative spots because no one really expected Solís to win.

There is a precedent for naming a sitting lawmaker as a minister, and Solís may choose to do that.

The tourism industry also is awaiting his selection to head the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo. They said they want someone with tourism experience instead of a politician.

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