Costa Rican author’s book picked up by U.S. publisher

The first book in the Eden trilogy is being published by Kamel Press, L.L.C., a publishing company in the United States, and is now available on, Barnes and, and most other online sites.  It is also available in bookstores in the United States.

That was announced Thursday by expat author Albert A. Correia.

The title is ¨Even in Eden,” and the action takes place in Costa Rica.

Correia had self-published the book in 2006 and put it on his Web site. “This version is pretty much the same as the original, except the ending has changed (one more twist and turn to keep the reader intrigued right up to the end).  And, of course, most of the typos are gone,” he said in an email.

The tale is told by The Grand Tico, a mystical being who watches over the country, Correia said.  The entire novel takes place in Costa Rica, starting in San José, with scenes in Escazú, Bribrì on the east side of the country, and Jacó Beach on the west, he said, adding:

“The plot revolves around a feud between a young doctor and a young attorney.  They’d crossed swords in high school, and are again thrown together when one tries to set up a good medical system, and the other tries to use that as a path to the presidency of the country.”

Correia said the publisher reports that initial reviews include such phrases as, “You can’t put it down,” “The twists and turns keep you in constant suspense,”  “Intrigue abounds,” and “it’s a page-turner.”

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