Cruz Roja begins the count for holiday deaths, mishaps

The Cruz Roja reported Monday that the emergency service has handled 12 fatal incidents since Friday.

The agency is geared for many more as vacationers head for the Pacific beaches.

The deaths ranged from traffic accidents to murders. The Cruz Roja said there were 32 other cases that were not fatal but persons had suffered from violence, including vehicle accidents. These cases required transportation by ambulance.

Some 1,200 Cruz Roja staffers and volunteers are on duty at 162 temporary aid stations to handle any emergencies that may develop.

A big danger over the holidays are water accidents, and the Servicio Nacional de Guardacaostas is patrolling off popular beaches to make any required rescues.

However, there are many more beaches than patrol boats, and Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is notorious for its rip tides.

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