Downtown tourism center gets 1,000 visitors monthly

Though it’s tucked away in an unlabeled building on Avenida Central’s downtown walkway, the tourism center is still drawing quite the crowd.

Andrés Indurrino, a representative from the tourist center, said Monday that the office receives more than 1,000 tourists each month. The center that is part of the Insituto Costarricense de Turismo gets an influx of mostly citizens from the United States, Germany, and Spain.

According to Indurrino, some travelers may stop in to pick up an informational pamphlet from the office’s library of travel brochures, but others can stay for hours to chat with representatives. The travel assistants are not allowed to receive payments from hotels or businesses to sponsor specific destinations, he said.

Two years ago the office moved from its spot at the front of the Museos del Banco Central at the Plaza de la Cultura.

The old location down the walkway received more traffic he said, but Instituto Costarricense de Turismo moved at the request of museum directors who wanted more space for exhibits.

The building is located on Avenida Central between Calle 1 and Calle 3 and houses an art gallery just past the office. Though it’s closed for Semana Santa, the gallery will open again Monday.

The tourism center operates through the institute’s Web site at


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