Dumb tweet causes pain for cell phone provider

Humor sometimes is not humorous to others, and Twitter can offend. That is the lesson from a Sunday evening adventure by a Claro employee who had access to the company’s Twitter account.

No names have been released by the company, but the situation is a big embarrassment.

Claro has a slogan ¡Claro que si! Perhaps playing off the slogan, the unnamed employee tweeted:

A no from a woman derives from the Latin beg me a little more.In Spanish, of course.

The roof dropped in a few minutes later as those who received the tweet responded.

By Monday, Claro has withdrawn the tweet and apologized.

The country’s  Oficina de Control de Propaganda even issued a press release saying that no means no. The agency said that such use of media can construct a social reality.

It noted that many women suffer sexual violence.

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